Sex dating in lafayette georgia

Fast forward, they divorce and we reconnect and get together after being friends for 10 years (when they were together she banned him from talking to me) and he proposes to me and I’m now pregnant with our first.Since finding out we got together she will NOT leave him alone she sends him desperate pleas for him to come back to her DESPITE living with another man!!

I found out he was in 11 year relationship with children and a very beautiful, sweet girlfriend.

But the point is, thsi girl pretended to be my friend. She came over to my house with her boyfriend and we hung out. So sometimes we would end up working with each other. She manipulated not only me but when we would argue (me and the boyfriend) she would listen to him and be there for him and be his “friend”.

She cheated on her boyfriend on multiple occasions but she always told me she wasn’t into my boyfriend. Six months later I find out they have been more than just friends and now he wants to break up.

She also sat at the same table with us at the local restaurant.

Although he is her problem now, I can’t help but wonder how it must feel to worry every single day whether or not today will be the day they get cheated on. We have watched this girl jump from one married man to the next out here.

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