Sexually transmitted diseases and dating

If an injection is needed, the traveller should try to ensure that single-use needles and syringes come from a sterile package Patients under medical care who require frequent injections, e.g.diabetics, should carry sufficient sterile needles and syringes for the duration of their trip and a doctor’s authorization for their use.Sexual infections are transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse (both heterosexual and homosexual – anal, vaginal or oral).Some of the infectious agents, such as HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis, can also be passed on from an infected mother to her unborn or newborn baby and can be transmitted via blood transfusions.

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Medical injections, dental care and piercing and tattooing using unsterilized needles or blades are also possible sources of infection and should be avoided.

People run no risk of infection when sharing any means of communal transport (e.g.

aircraft, boat, bus, car, train) with infected individuals.

Regional differences in the prevalence of HIV infection are shown on the map.

In high-risk groups, however, such as injecting drug users and sex workers, prevalence rates may be very high in countries where the prevalence in the general population is low.

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