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Filmed almost entirely at a Grand Rapids-area home once owned by the co-founder of Amway, Seymour plays a British Martha Stewart type asked to make changes to her successful television show.

Naturally, she's resistant to the idea and concocts a plan to keep her show "a good thing." The movie is a sequel to her highly rated 2008 Hallmark Channel Original Movie, flame, Joe Lando, giving the movie a uniquely intimate feel.

In the meantime, you can continue to get Joe to let his guard down a little bit.

Do not, under any circumstance, let him pick you up from your house if you hardly know him. I have seen more damage done to women because of what they allowed themselves to dream and fantasize about over any guy leading them on. Don’t let them muse about your future nuptials either.

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She helped me design some t-shirts for the rock band PT5, which is my son's rock band. And then of course, Kris is all about the sports, and he likes hop hop and DJing, and he plays three or four instruments, but Johnny wont let him in his band because Johnny's band is Johnny's. But I did see them playing acoustic guitar together the other day and it was really cool. I think the unique part about it is that his wife and I are very good friends. We just rehearse with one another, and then we play it, and when we play it, we're all in very professional mode, and the rest of the time we're just being family. Then at the last minute I thought I'd splurge for a private plane and see how much it is anyway, and the rest of the cast really wanted to go, too since they'd never been.

But I also think we need to give guys a little more grace on first dates. Guys connect play sports, video games, and other shoulder to shoulder activities.

Often times they are nervous and ladies, guys do not do a great job connecting face to face. It may be easy for you to sit across a small table from another human being and expect to see part of their soul, but most men are not wired that way.

Whether you are headed into a first date with a guy you’ve been majorly crushing on or a guy you’re unsure about, here are five things to consider while in the first date zone. It may also require you to reign in some of your girlfriends or parents.

Believe me, I am all about chivalry and a guy picking a girl up at her home, come to the door, etc but if you don’t share more than at least two mutual friends with a guy: DO NOT LET HIM COME TO YOUR HOME. If you don’t have several mutual friends who can vouch for his sanity, don’t let him know where you live. Don’t let yourself daydream about your wedding colors during the date. Explain you need their help to simply take it one date at a time. You say “yes” because you know you need to be more open, but by the end of the night, you’re already thinking about how you’re going to turn him down if he asks you out again.

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