So confused dating

BE A GOD DAMN MAN YA FAGGOTS.i am confused, me and this girl have been in and out of relationships and i feel like she is the one, even though we are not dating or anything she still cares a great deal about me and i dont know what to think or say to it, i really am confused, she told me she didnt know if being with me made her happy and i understand that you know?

On first glance, it appears that Tyler has done nothing wrong to make this girl feel the way she’s feeling. The problem is that this girl is so confused about men right now, that no matter what Tyler does it is just going to confuse her more.

shane There was this girl who I met and she found me amazing.

She was actually dating someone else but was not comfortable with him.

Move on and try to appreciate someone wanting to be there for you. That is a pretty big arena to stage your private affairs, but to each his/her own. Hard to tell what the history is between these two but it sounds like she is definitely confused about things. Anyways, it seems she is in that stage where she is trying to figure out who she is, what she wants, and THEN work on having a healthy relationship. But I actually had a relationship at the time and I thought I would have to break it off in order to better myself. I'm outtotally agreed guys/gals, tyler needs to just walk away, not matter how much he feel for this woman.

Seems like she is young and was possibly in past relationships where she let the guy make all the calls and never really developed her own identity or sense of self. Well, here I am a better person and STILL in the same relationship. But yeah, she needs time to figure it out, like write the pros and cons of keeping him around. she need to find out what the fuck she wants in life and in a relationship, i've been through the same shit as tyler got a email similar when i was younger and totally naive in certain aspect of dating. i dont want to be harsh, but fuck her, who needs that bullshit.

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