Updating ipod genius

For example, you view your playlists by clicking Playlists on the Sidebar.

NOTE Earlier, you read that playlists can contain other media in addition to music, such as music videos, TV shows, and so on, which is true.

Wish you could hear different songs from a variety of albums in your own greatest hits collection?

Make a playlist and be the judge of what is great and what isn’t.

The Genius Mixes playlist contains genius playlists based on the genres and other types of music in your i Tunes Library.

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You can use playlists for other types of media in a similar way.You access your playlists through the Playlists tab of the Music window, as shown in Figure 7.1.Each type of playlist has a specific icon to represent it.And you can mix and match different types of content in the same playlist.For example, you can include both songs and music videos in a “greatest hits” playlist. The Purchased playlist contains content you’ve downloaded from the i Tunes Store.

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