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On my computer I roll back my Office to 1904 and all was fine.

Visit Stack Exchange I Want to upgrade xampp mysql from 5.1 to 5.6.10 I installed mysql server to mysql path in xampp path but didn't work for me .

We need to merge an older backed up database (Full tables, not a dump file) with the current one. To avoid downtime on your live machine, use a backup/virtualised machine with the SAME VERSION of My SQL server. ) into the filesystem in /var/lib/mysql/BACKUP_DB (the BACKUP_DB's corresponding directory).

Without experiencing any server downtime, how would you do it? While the BACKUP My SQL server is stopped, copy the tables (I assume . Start the BACKUP My SQL server and ensure the data has loaded correctly using scripts or CLI.

Ask any follow up question you're unsure of, as this is high risk data mashing stuff.

Perform (and note in detail) the exact steps required on a dev server if possible, or virtualize your test, or create a small scale test. And, of course, take enough backups to cover every data loss eventuality.

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When verified, mysqldump the BACKUP_DB database so it can be loaded into the live server: You should now have the backup database loaded into My SQL as BACKUP_DB.

Now, dependent on INSERT IGNORE, or REPLACE INTO statements (are you overwriting old data or "filling the blanks" in your indexes?

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Visit Stack Exchange We have an online system using My SQL database. When messing with My SQL's filesystem you have to stop the My SQL server.

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