Updating pantech cell phone

You may also want to try a different SIM card in the case that it is defective.You should be able to get a replacement SIM card from your wireless carrier for no charge.In this post, we will cover the common things that cause this message to display on your phone and not enable you to make normal calls.Has it been a while since you paid your wireless carrier? When you firmly slide out the four-row QWERTY keyboard, you’re greeted with oblong plastic keyboard buttons accented in aquamarine.

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You don't just have to rely on Google Play's settings.

Go into your phone's settings and look for any of the following:* Accounts & sync* Battery & data management* Data saver/data delivery*Application management I do have a Pantech Breakout in my case for sale now.

If so, your carrier may have turned your service off.

Ensure your wireless bill is paid and your phone should return to normal rather quickly.

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