Updating papervision indexes

Submitted e-forms are automatically sent into the Image Silo cloud repository where they’re instantly accessible and each field is searchable.

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Known student information is automatically included on the seven government-required forms to speed completion.

One hundred and ten million pages is equivalent to approximately 36,500 banker’s boxes or 3,150 4-drawer filing cabinets. With RMMI and Paper Vision your documents are indexed, searchable, and securely available from anywhere.

The average floor space required for a 4-drawer filing cabinet (including working space and isles) is just over 7.5 sq. You can retrieve the specific document you need in seconds, without ever leaving your desk.

PVE helps you store, find, update, any and all of your team’s documents and information – built with Fort Knox security in mind.

Paper Vision Enterprise is one of the top document storage systems (or records management system) in the country.

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