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) in the update document, you must specify exactly one corresponding array filter document.That is, you cannot specify multiple array filter documents for the same identifier.For smaller websites, this can be managed by manually making the changes.However, for larger websites, the volume of the site makes it impossible to update old URLs manually.Do you want to skip the tedious process of manually changing the URLs?Learn the painless and quick methods to update site URLs across your website.For example, consider the following update operation.

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For example, if the update statement includes the identifier Using the aggregation pipeline allows for a more expressive update statement, such as expressing conditional updates based on current field values or updating one field using the value of another field(s).

For example: document is well-defined and not bound to the order specified in the query If you attempt to insert a document in this way, Mongo DB will raise an error.

), the operation uses the collation specified for the collection.

If no collation is specified for the collection or for the operations, Mongo DB uses the simple binary comparison used in prior versions for string comparisons.

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