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One of the enhancements done to Safari in i OS 13, according to Mac Rumors, is the addition of a new Download Manager.The new Download Manager gives users a way to easily access the files they have downloaded, as well as a way to check the status of the files they are currently downloading.The update also allows users to pick files up from the Download Manager interface, then drag and drop them straight into other files or emails.The Download Manager also allows users to download files in the background, without those annoying status boxes blocking stuff on the screen.The update also displays relevant websites based on a user’s browsing history as well as Siri suggested content.It even displays link that were sent to users via Messages.Here’s how: Wireless connectivity issues including those depicted by slow browsing symptoms attributed to minor system errors can easily be remedied by refreshing the Internet connection.

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Here’s how it’s done: Once the i Pad is connected, launch the Safari browser then see if the internet connection is doing better and faster.

Clearing cache and data from third-party apps in i OS devices is usually done by restarting the device or reinstalling the app but for Safari, there is a dedicated option to get this done.

Here’s how: App problems in i OS devices, particularly the ones attributed to malwares and bugs are usually remedied by updating the application.

Here’s how it works: Cached files such as browsing history and cookies can also be the culprit if they get corrupted as the browser app can become adversely affected.

This is one of the reasons why it is but recommended to clear browser cache and data from time to time.

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