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If you like to play with this non-integrated calendar you can go to my site use the Calendar link at the bottom of the Main menu.The following things now need to be done to integrate the calendar into Moodle:1) there needs to be a script that creates a calendar for each Moodle user and one for each Moodle course and layers the course calendars into the user calendars.However I am not aware of any work towards it having taken place.I would like to find some other Moodlers who would like to see a calendar in Moodle and would like to start collaborating on this little project.Consider the following scenario: The MTA specifically reads the MTA object record associated with the domain that the MTA points to.Under Tools, Group Wise Diagnostics, Record Enumerations, this record is found in the "Message Transfer Agents by domain" section. DB file directly are the Group Wise Internet Agent (GWIA), the Web Access Agent, and the various Group Wise gateways.

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I know that from the Moodle point of view a calendar is not so important because its educational benefit is not very clear.

Another domain might propose a change to an object, but that proposal must be approved by the object's owning domain.

Here's an example in which the whole process of Group Wise directory changes is drawn out.

DC file is located at the root of any domain's directory. DC file is an ASCII text file that defines the structure for all Group Wise 6.5 domain databases. DB file from the primary domain and the generic GWDOM. The information in a Group Wise secondary domain is an exact duplicate of the information in the primary domain. Larger Group Wise systems are in a constant state of change. Group Wise administration enables you to connect to any one of your domains.

DB file for the primary domain is created based upon the following: The GWDOM. When a Group Wise secondary domain is originally created, it is created from information in the WPDOMAIN. Now the MFG domain's MTA will be responsible for updating the MFG domain database (WPDOMAIN. When a Group Wise domain adds an object, it transmits a copy of that object to the primary domain, to be replicated to all other domains.

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