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Following the event, offer wines for sale at exclusive discounted prices.This special pricing, promoted widely on social media and your website, may be enough to draw in a crowd.Invite people to send a “singing Valentine’s telegram” from one of the band members throughout the night.Incorporate a dance-contest, where couples or friends can compete to win prizes.Partner with a local restaurant to offer food and beverages for purchase.Since Valentine’s day is often associated with sweets, why not host a fundraising bake sale?See below for some popular Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas that are easy and fun to implement.

Although Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, it is one of the most popular days of the year for celebrating and in-turn spending money on the ones we love.

Partner with a licensed wine dealer and host a classy event guaranteed to satisfy your donors.

Charge admission for the event and offer a selection of various wines for attendees to taste, along with commentary from a wine expert.

The more fun and crazy the event, the better for this fun Valentine’s Day event idea.

These Run/walk-a-thon events can be quite lucrative as well as fun, when properly run with great crowdfunding software. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to host a Valentine’s themed gala for your non-profit?

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