Validating windows xp professional

Depends upon how far back we're going, but if it's XP Pro, there used to be a loads of counterfeit copies on e Bay with a volume licence key, since blacklisted.3 Re XP: Until recently, it had been years before I did an XP reinstall, but had a couple just recently.

Both legal copies, so the installation progressed normally, but they refused to update.

For his Compaq, it did not accept his key code when attempting to activate it over the internet and, when attempting to activate it using the "telephone" method and going through the question/answer and entry of the long "activation code" process, it ultimately returned with a message that, something to the effect, "our records do not show that this is a valid Microsoft product" and recommended that it be returned to the retailer where it was purchased.

It also had a link to the Microsoft web site, supposedly for help (sic), where it steered you to a page to purchase Windows 7.

Microsoft "support" for this is virtually non-existant and it is not yet April 2014.

Admittedly XP has been always my "experimental" OS and I had used it many times. The problem that we are having with my friends XP "re=install" is somewhat different in that it has only been used (installed) two times before.Attempts to get advice over the internet have provided no solutions.Attempts to find answers on the Microsoft web site always result in just taking me to a "page" for purchasing Windows 7.For this reason, I had to go ahead and install SP2 and SP3 in order to access the internet and perform the activation.1.I have not used the diagnostic tool at the web site linke which you included in your message. Since there are similar, but somewhat different problems which have occurred on my friend's Compaq and my Dell, To keep them separate, my friend's XP disk for his Compaq is the "Home" version and mine, for my Dell, is the "Professional" version.

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