Validating xml java parser schema

This blog entry discusses one approach to performing validation in XI.

Full source code is not provided; implementing the suggested solution is left as an exercise for the reader.

What are the reasons for wanting to validate messages passing through XI, anyway?

For one, mapping programs necessarily make certain assumptions about the structure of the message being processed, meaning that these programs can fail, if the message is invalid.

The first step is to obtain an object of class document.

ABAP mapping programs are not an option, as the ABAP XML parser currently does not support XML Schema.They do not require deployment in the Web Application Server, rather they must be packaged in ZIP or JAR archives and uploaded to the Integration Repository under Imported Archives.Every mapping program class must implement the object.Failing an invalid message early helps pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and provides the developer with better debugging information.Another prime reason for performing validation, is ensuring the data quality of messages that go out to external partners, suppliers and customers. outside the Integration Engine core), XML Schema validation can be implemented in a Java mapping program or in an adapter module.

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