Vuze not updating

I have tried resetting the settings I also tried removing Vuze completely and re-installing.

Note: If you want to transfer all Vuze stuff to a new computer, you should also read Copy Vuze to new computer‎.

I have also changed my internet provider, but still tracker needs to be updated regularly.

Now it really feels that I am downloading each and every bit by opening a minimized vuze from the tray, right-clicking after selecting idle torrents and then going to Tracker/Torrent Update Tracker. Maybe it is because of the poor trackers' performance. But all I know is it is causing a great pain in my fingers to time and again click on updating tracker.

Like if the user sets the time 60(seconds) on the desired selected torrents, then it would auto-update the tracker on the selected torrents.

Reason: I always have to keep on updating the tracker time and again for it to download torrents.

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