What to do in dating

You don’t have any other facts, other than that nagging feeling that your partner may be doing something behind your back.It might be brought upon by a suddenly shifty gaze, secretive moves on social media or some lies that you have confirmed.Other than this, you have no concrete proof or evidence.When your instincts tell you something, you really have to pay attention.It’s unlikely that his or her friends will give you any information directly, because they probably won’t want to get involved in the situation.If they did, it could potentially cost them their friendship with your partner.However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t reveal information accidentally.

[Read: 25 reasons why women cheat] #5 Discuss the situation with friends whom you really trust.If all of the other things you do lead even further to the conclusion that your partner is cheating on you, you may have no choice left but to have a confrontation.If in case your research and snooping don’t lead to any substantial evidence that your partner is cheating, you can still confront your partner about your suspicions, in the hope that he or she will stop doing anything to make those suspicions spiral out of control.So if you do intend on using this move, do so only at the risk of breaking your partner’s heart and losing their trust forever if you’re proved wrong, and your partner gets to know about it somehow.Your partner’s ex may know important things about your partner that can help you get to the bottom of the situation.

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