When do inuyasha and kagome start dating

I know because Naraku came close to getting the Jewel fifty years ago. Inuyasha (thinking): Naraku laid a trap for Kikyo and me! The demon who killed Kikyo is still alive and is after the Sacred Jewel fragments. I managed to dodge the arrows and came to the village to steal the Jewel. Even possessing one fragment will gain unimaginable power.I still got a lot of pieces to collect before it's whole. Her spirit is full of sadness and regret, and it prevents others from entering. Demons devoured the dead and the near dead and they were able to grow in great numbers. But only one priestess, known as Midoriko, was able to purify demon souls and render them harmless. Myoga: Master Inuyasha, you haven't been able to unravel the mystery of Tetsusaiga on your own.(thinking) Everyone who comes in contact with the Jewel seems to end up unhappy. She was considered the most powerful human of her time. You tried but you haven't been able to tap into the power that killed a hundred demons in one sweep. I think if you take the time to know each other and cooperate, you can awaken and harness Tetsusaiga's full strength.

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The four souls are called as aranitama, kushinitama, niginitama and sakinitama. Before he died, Kohaku reverted back to his old self. Who knows how many demons have multiple pieces of the Jewel? However, it refuses to reveal the Wind Scar to the one it has received as its master.When a child dies, the Soul Piper stays and plays with that child until the soul is ready to rest in peace. Myoga: From time to time, half-demons are rendered no stronger than yourself, or any other mere mortal! For him, the time must fall on the night of the new cycle (looks up at the sky) When the moon is dark. But when he held my hand and looked at me, it wasn't a look of hatred in his eyes. Is it possible he's been hiding his true feelings all along? They that if a demon should possess a single fragment of the broken Jewel, its powers will at least triple in strength. Inuyasha: (staring at his claws, thinking) Naraku... Naraku, the cursed demon who disguised himself as me, to get close enough to end Kikyo's life! (a flashback of the disguised Naraku mortally wounding Kikyo is shown) It wasn't me. At the time, there was but one man who wished for such a terrible outcome.As long as the eyes of the monster remain closed, there's nothing to be afraid of. Kagome: (angrily) Then what, you can't rely on me, either?! Shall I take ye to the place where this man once resided? Jaken: (thinking) It is not the sword that severed his arm, that I direct my hatred toward; it is to the beast that wielded it, Inuyasha! In doing so, he slew the priestess protecting it-Inuyasha (thinking): He must be the demon who disguised himself as me and struck down Kikyo! Miroku, you say this Naraku takes on all kinds of shapes and forms!! I will hunt down Kikyo's killer and avenge her death!!

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