When to start dating again after broken engagement

Let her know how you feel and that you want to respect her timing of interest in a new relationship. At the very least, be sure to share with her what an encouragement her pursuit of God has been to you. It will mean a lot to her that even during a difficult season of her life, God shined. He and his wife, Alfie, have three children and live in Arkansas, where he serves as executive director of Ozark Camp and Conference Center, a youth camp and retreat center.

I’ve been so impressed and encouraged by her insights into Scripture and her heart for the church and ministry.

Ultimately, she’s the one who decides when she’s ready, and that will be determined by any number of factors, including why the engagement was broken and how she’s coming along with processing all of it.

I assume that this was a definite ending of a relationship, not a postponement, and that she has no interest in picking it up again, meaning, she does hope and intend to marry someone at some point, just not the one to whom she was engaged.

If my math is right, she is coming up on a year since all of this happened, and so it certainly wouldn’t be out of the question for her to begin a new chapter.

So I don’t think it would be at all inappropriate for you to have that conversation with her.

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