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Porter has denied all of the allegations, calling them a “co-ordinated smear campaign.”How did the White House respond to the allegations? Then they oscillated between condemnation, contrition, and defiance — along with the dishonesty we’ll get into later.

After being told of the details of the allegations about to break last Tuesday night in the Daily Mail, chief of staff John Kelly issued a statement vigorously supporting Porter.

This webinar explores guidelines for enhancing domestic violence services.

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The first: the administration continued to employ someone, in a sensitive post, when top officials knew he was accused of domestic violence and thus could not secure a full security clearance.

Porter resigned this week after his ex-wives' allegations became public.

(The White House/Toronto Star)The defence continued even after Porter announced his resignation on Wednesday.

His comments come following domestic violence allegations against White House former staff secretary Rob Porter.

(The Associated Press)Who has this scandal damaged?

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