Who is aubrey plaza dating 2016

She has a large family so they usually celebrate religious holidays together.Aubrey jokes that she doesn’t have time for hobbies since she loves working so much.But since 2016, she is the main cast member of the FX’s “Legion” show where she plays Lenny Busker and gives one of the best performances of the show.Aubrey Plaza’s salary has been steadily growing with every new role.She jokingly has offered to help coach her in the upcoming presidential debates.She is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and even defines herself as bisexual.She says she can’t help who she falls in love with and that gender doesn’t matter to her.

Even though she isn’t Catholic anymore she still absolutely loves celebrating Christmas.One of her first steps was being a part of a web series called “Jeannie Tate Show”.This helped Aubrey get some minor roles in comedy movies.Back on the set of “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”, Aubrey Plaza met Michael Cera.The two started dating and were pretty much in love.

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