Who is dating vanessa williams

We had a different set of issues from those of my first marriage, mostly because we weren’t on the same coast for most of it: He was on the road or out in Los Angeles, and after our daughter was born, I was on the East Coast, raising four children and flying across the country every two weeks.

Given our professions, proximity was a tremendous obstacle, so we had that issue on top of the age thing.

So I made the first move—he would never have approached me because I was with my daughter.

I found out he was from Buffalo, which is also where my mom is from.

Now that I'm on my third marriage, I’ve realized it's key to not expect one person to be able to fulfill every need in your life.

I’ve got my friend who I go to the theater with, the friend I want to play tennis with.

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You’re just not going to be 100% available, and the marriage—the relationship—does change.But also, my expectations of a relationship had a really high benchmark because of my father.He was so good at everything: He could fix a car, he could do electrical work, he could build anything, he was a problem solver.I’ve been a mother so long that it’s hard to remember what my life was like before then, but parenthood has never felt like a burden: It strengthened my outlook on life and made me more ambitious in my career.I was always working my professional life and my life as a wife and mother simultaneously.

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