Who is evelyn lozada dating now

Just when you thought the group's trip to San Diego couldn't get more dramatic, tonight's all-new episode promises to bring a whole-new set of fireworks. Jennifer Williams, it's all about Feby Torres facing off against Ogom "Og" Chijindu.

"That [situation] was very surprising because if I ask you a question and you claim to be a boss, a boss owns up to it," Og shared with E! "She clearly denied making a rap song about me and the world saw that she tried it, so.." She added, "There's very much...

Currently, they are together sharing an incredible bonding and immense love among each other. Before this, she has been into several relationships and a marriage.

She was in a relationship with an unknown guy from 1989 to 1995. The beautiful daughter was born on April 11, 1993, named, Shaniece Hairston.

Sites Hip Hop Hollywood, and Terez Owens seemed to have the scoop first, citing unquote, unnamed “close to the source,” accounts and “eyewitnesses.” There has been no confirmation from either party, or any pictures of them together.

Lozada and her brand strategist, Courtney Parker, wrote the 2012 novel The Wives Association: Inner Circle.

The kids are really enjoying the items you have helped us to get.

When it comes to the drama, the Basketball Wives cast is going balls to the wall!

Yes, the same Evelyn Lozada who’s marriage to former NFL wideout Chad Ochocinco lasted less time than the Kim Kardashian- Kris Humphries marriage. Both Crawford and Lozada are coming off what was likely the most difficult period of their lives – Crawford professionally, Lozada personally.

Both desperately wanted a fresh start and a chance to prove that they could rebound from the lows they had recently experienced.

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