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She wanted their music to be something different; it had started to feel inauthentic.

For her part, Tegan dreamed of topping charts and playing stadiums.

(Spoiler: he didn’t get the job.) “It took a lot of years and a lot of apologizing for us to get to this place.

We’re very respectful and we’re very humble, but we don’t apologize anymore,” says Tegan.

“As we became more popular, it was confusing to be accepted by the old guard of mainly white, heterosexual indie rock guys, because they wouldn’t necessarily speak out in support of us,” says Tegan.

“We were in the scene but always on the periphery.”Being marginalized often (usually) goes hand in hand with being condescended to.

I have different influences and influencers in my world right now, and so this makes complete sense.

In that time they’ve put out eight studio albums—including their latest, , released in June—and moved from acoustic punk to indie rock to shiny pop. By living in separate cities—Montreal and New York for Sara and Vancouver for Tegan, though they’re now both based on the west coast—and allowing each other time to work on solo projects, they’ve learned that letting go can be just as powerful as holding on.

In short, they’ve taken enough leaps, and have regained their equilibrium enough times, to handle the impact. After , the duo’s sixth offering, Sara realized she needed something to change.

Spending time in the mainstream is basically like being at one long Taylor Swift Fourth of July party.“Somehow we’ve managed to open the gate and walk over to the barbecue that’s happening on the other side to hang out with a different scene of people,” she says.

The invite is extended and accepted with eyes open.

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