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I never really liked her as an actress but this is wonderful. And couldn't she get some financial help from her brothers, the twins who are the pop group Nelson? She also did a fun, brief stint on a cheesy Australian show called Snowy River: The Mac Gregor Saga (along with Hugh Jackman and Guy Pierce, IIRC). I usually tune out of these things after a few minutes, but she was so sincere and captivating."She had cancer THREE TIMES. It is quite possible that she blew through ALL that money you mention, even with it being a huge sum. Thankfully he has his own private coverage which he carried on when he retired, as well as Medicare.

Hell, if her acting roles were infused with this much passion and "real" talk, she would be great. And couldn't she get some financial help from her aunt and uncle, Pam Dawber and highly-paid popular star of TV's NCIS, Mark Harmon? It is quite possible that she blew through ALL that money you mention, even with it being a huge sum. Does that creepy looking douchebag Paul Ryan HONESTLY think a voucher plan will work in place of the current Medicare system? How much is this fucking asshole putting in each old person's voucher plan?

I'm not trying to belittle her situation but it is not even close to people who don't have those kinds of resources.

She's living large now, and she never got foreclosed on or sell her house, which is the real reality.[quote]I'm not trying to belittle her situation Yes, you are. That she didn't suffer enough, and she should therefore not be allowed to speak out about inequities in the system that she has experienced firsthand?

But Father Dowling Mysteries just didn't cut it for me. (Mark is the brother of Tracey's mom, Kris, and at one point Mark and Pam tried to take the Nelson twins away from Kris after Ricky's tragic death)r4. I'm sure it will not be ,000 let alone 0,000!

Sure enough, my sister was diaignosed with uterine cancer, thankfully, because of her insistence on that one test, she is alive today.Part of the point is that no one is immune: it can happen even to a celebrity, even to the wealthy.It's not just freeloaders and communists who stand to benefit from Obamacare.How can these ignorant Re Thug voters be willing to vote for these two liars who are not even giving them ANY honest answers about exactly HOW their polices are going to work? Sure the system isn't perfect, but there is no Canadian citizen who would support a for-profit health care system.All the Re Thugs have fed their followers are non-stop empty platitudes. On another note, she should have remarried Billy Moses and got on his SAG policy. I never really had to deal with this, so I didn't pay much attention, but weren't employer-based health insurance plans allowed to reject for pre-existing conditions?

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