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into a grass-roots smash by writing regular blog posts.

Need to tap in to the thoughts and speech patterns of the Ritalin Generation?

Instead of focusing on the one thing he’s good at, Braff is quitting remake.

The second: starring in, writing, directing, and producing a remake of a Danish Dogme film about a woman whose husband gets paralyzed in a car accident. Chevy Chase—now there’s a guy you should look up to.

As such, it’s kind of annoying that 80 percent of the shots are close-ups of Zach Braff.

It’s also irritating, for that matter, that he created a role that requires Natalie Portman to fall in love with him.

Braff’s got that covered, too—he suggested additional shots and scenes for starlet Rachel Bilson gets the Ferris Bueller-esque pearl of wisdom: “The world is moving so fast now that we start freaking out way before our parents did because we don’t ever stop to breathe anymore.” Never has the voice of a generation had so little of substance to say.

-promoting Web site says that he doesn’t “want it to be just, like, a site about me because that’ll get boring really fast. I want it to be about you guys, my loyal fans.” The populist shtick works—as of this writing, Braff’s got 76,072 friends on My Space. His face doesn’t have the clean, angular lines that usually denote manly movie stardom.

I just didn't think it would be fair to all those hard core James Frey-hating Oprah fans to have to go a month without being able to look at her face while they're dropping a Michelle Two-zie. (read rags for fun if you must, but please don't believe what you read)I am not part tiger.

I assassinate my victims by forcing them to drink the fluid inside of glow-sticks.

After the success of certain films this year, they have decided to "shake things up" this time around. I play Vesper Lind, a German spy who loves trip-hop and raves.

The gee-whiz, aww-shucks affect that works for Braff on TV is irksome on the big screen.

Perhaps that’s because in the movies he only gets beaten down emotionally—it’s much more satisfying to see him fall on his face.

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