Wireless stuck at validating identity Sex chat no registry

What I've found is that when it attempts to do a match And Join SSID: it says it's "temporarily disabled, next" Will report back anything I hear from Apple. Once I did that and restarted wifi everything kicked in immediately.Now to go back and figure out configuring that trust setting. Ours requires a root intermediate cert to request a machine cert, then uses the machine cert to authenticate to wifi.So far Apple has asked me to send it Wifi logs and Sys Diagnostics. Our root and chain certs were not be accepted even though they showed up as validated.While they're looking at them, i've been doing some looking at logs as well. I had to go in and set the EAP Trust setting to "Always Trust".

Our ethernet profile has no certs in it at all because the trust is established with the certs from the wifi profile.

We deploy the root and intermediary certs in a separate profile, so I'm attempting to use their common name (and leaving the exceptions box unchecked) but it's not making a difference.

I'm waiting on the engineer working our case to send us further suggestions - but I was just curious about whether or not you have your certs all within the same profile or split apart multiple profiles like we do.

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