X rated dating for thailand girls

What makes it kind of unique is that the girls aren’t employed by the bar (it’s actually a mix of bar and restaurant with authentic German food) but they’re all freelancers so you don’t need to pay a bar fine to leave the place with her and by buying her drinks you pay the same price as for your own drinks.The Soi 7 Beer Garden is also one of the best places in Nana to watch live sports as they’ve got the biggest screen in the area along with Bangkok Beats which is actually a night club.Give me another San Mig Light.” That’s an easy way to spot expats by the way who often drink San Miguel Light which apparently contains less calories (105 in comparison to 130 of the standard version, so not that much of a difference actually and the alcohol percentage is the same at 5%). It’s not that you can’t take the beer girl around after she finishes work – which is a lot more difficult to achieve in Thai places than it is in Farang places as the beer girls there are even more hot and attractive and usually not that fond of Farangs either.You can find 90% of all beer bars with sexy Bangkok girls all the way along Sukhumvit Road from Soi 22 to Soi 4 and the closer you get to Soi 4 the higher the concentration of bars. You might think all those joints are more or less the same with comfortable bar stools, pool tables, TV screens and plenty of chicken all around.

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Sure, the main attraction may be the chicks but there’s also good opportunity to meet other foreigners and that usually happens while playing pool.

Many of them enter the red light scene by working in the bar as they aren’t really committed to do or to show anything at all and as soon as they gain confidence (and qualify) they’re trying some other places like Go Go Bars where a lot more money can be earned, i.e. But the more significant difference is the girl on the left cannot be taken out of the bar (in other words bar-fined out) since her only job is to promote the sales of a certain beer brand, in this case Singha Beer.

charging 3,000 Baht instead of 1,000 Baht for short time. The girl on the right however is the one who wants to hook up with you.

Hillary 2 in Soi 4 is always worth a visit as they’ve got a great live band and excellent pool tables.

They recently finished renovating and restructuring the whole place and unfortunately with the additional bar and modernized fittings comes the removal of a couple of pool tables so there are only two left and a queue of more than 20 people at most times.

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