Yahoo pipe not updating rss

“I remember I first saw it online, when I was in Mykonos,” Gold says of his Southampton home.“The day I got back, I drove out there, I saw the house, I made an offer that day, and that was it.”Gold, of course, knew a prize property when he saw one, even if the 1892 Tudor needed substantial updating.“[The area] has this nostalgic vibe to it and is very, very different from what you are used to in the Hamptons.” But ever the real estate agent, Gold also loved its location.

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Here is an article on Merge Multiple RSS Feeds Into One with Yahoo! Another option is Feed Rinse, but they have a paid version as well as the free version.Unfortunatley, though, this seems to strip out the content of the posts.The content is visible in the debug view, but the output only contains the post title. Had heard of it before, but never tried it until now :-] Simple Pie is a PHP library that supports merging RSS feeds into one combined feed.I think that you should request this on uservoice, or vote for it if it is already there. This has really exceeded my expectations with over 20,000 downloads already.

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